Real 510 Podcast

Real 510 Podcast

Stories of real buyers and sellers in the East Bay residential housing community in Northern California. 

Marry the Real Estate, Date the Rate

A special episode with one of our preferred lenders, Executive Vice President of Preferred Financial Group, Justen Meadows to find out what’s happening in the mortgage market today. We discuss ways Buyers and Sellers can navigate today’s higher rates and how to make a monthly payment affordable while pursuing the American Dream. We get into the nitty gritty of tax write-offs, different types of buy-downs, how buydowns work, and why adjustable loans make good sense. 

A Touch of Whimsy 

Tara Graham discusses how the pandemic changed her relationship with her home and ignited her search for a new space that would give her room to think and work creatively. Hear her take on weighing logic vs. feelings, and when to listen to that little voice within you. Tune in now.