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My parents bought their first home when I was 8 years old. I remember asking my father when we would be able to move into our new house. He said, "We need to wait until escrow closes."  Each night we drove by the new house, and I would ask again and again, and got the same answer. I started to get annoyed. "Who is this escrow character, and why can't he hurry up so we can move into our house?"  

It is now my full-time job to make escrow "hurry up and close".   I understand that buying your first home can be very stressful, but I know that we can close your loan quickly and with the lowest stress levels and rates in the industry.  For years, it was my job to train loan officers statewide to package loans for the banks.  Take comfort knowing that your loan is being handled by a true professional with 18 years of experience.  Knowledge breeds confidence and that leads to a stress-free transaction and most importantly, an accepted offer.  I hope to connect soon.

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