It's Time To Heed The Calling of Home

Dated: December 22 2023

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In this season of taking a “time out”, home is where we go. Much like the Soldier joyfully returning home to their family, the college student bursting through the front door at the end of their semester (dirty laundry in hand), even the bears making their way instinctively back to their caves: home is where we all yearn to go this time of year.

Let’s heed the calling: the calling of Home.


Our team reflected on what home means to each of us:



Beyond the obvious fiscal sense, owning a home is an investment in yourself, your family, and your future. It transcends the literal transaction, offering satisfaction to know that we are setting ourselves up for the highest level of success, stability, and comfort.



Owning a home opens all doors, both literal and figurative. It allows us to prepare and think about growth, whether it’s expanding your family, expanding your footprint, or expanding your portfolio. It is about seeking, finding, and reaping the many rewards.




The security of owning a home comes in a financial form, of course, but also an emotional one. Shelter is, after all, one of the fundamental human necessities. Having a roof over our heads fulfills a deep, instinctual need that we cannot live without.




Home and family are often interchangeable. Home is the lighthouse that brings our loved ones together. It is the beacon that we gravitate to like moths to a flame. Family is intrinsically and irrevocably connected to the love, peace, and happiness we feel in being home. It’s about the comfort of loved ones, the life you build within those four walls, and the happiness of returning home, time and time again, to the ones you so treasure.



There is no joy quite like that of sitting around the crackling fire, break bread at our dining room tables, watching the thrum of the city through our windows as we enjoy our morning coffees, and laying our head next to our loved ones at the end of a long day. The little moments of joy in our homes are those we can only experience in the comfort of our four walls.


It is our truest honor to bring “home” to you all, whether you’re a client, a colleague, a friend, or a mentor. It is our highest honor to be entrusted with the power of bringing some magic closer to each of you in one way or another. For us at Kim Cole Real Estate, it’s beyond a profession: it’s a vocation. Our dedication to “home” is what gives us purpose all year round.


As we settle at the end of a long, exciting, challenging, successful, beautiful year – we thank you for letting us bring you home.


Cheers and Happiest Holidays,

Your Friends at Kim Cole Real Estate


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