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A Case for Condominium Investment

We’re making a case for condo investment. In many markets, Single-Family homes offer a ton of appeal: more space, privacy and seclusion, and a solid investment that appreciates over time.

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Don’t Let the Days on the Market Scare You…

The number of Days on the Market is typically used to evaluate a property’s overall worth. For many, Days on the Market (DOM) can feel like a binary indicator of a property’s value: in

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2022 In Review & Looking Ahead to 2023

In the wake of a dizzying couple of years, much of 2022 was spent trying to reorient ourselves as the world rebalances. 2022 marked the resumption of routine after having reckoned with years of

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Marry the Real Estate, Date the Rate

Join us in this special episode with one of our preferred lenders, Executive Vice President of Preferred Financial Group, Justen Meadows to find out what’s happening in the mortgage market

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